You are the momentum for old-growth

Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Photo: Desiree Wallace

More funding and commitments + a GIANT rally for ancient forests

Last Saturday, with temperatures almost ten degrees below average and snowflakes swirling in the air, thousands of you were out on the streets of the BC capital, marching for old-growth forests!

The United For Old Growth march and rally was an enormous success. Thanks to those of you who attended, followed online, promoted within your networks or donated to make sure it could happen! 

photos from the rally
Photos: Desiree Wallace, Mya Van Woudenberg and Alex Tsui

We heard from powerful speakers like: 

  • Janelle Lapointe, an Afro-Indigenous climate justice and Indigenous rights organizer from the Stellat’en First Nation
  • Spozem First Nation Chief James Hobart
  • Kwakwaka’wakw hereditary chief walas ‘Namugwis David Knox
  • Environmentalist David Suzuki

They spoke of realigning our relationships with forest ecosystems while upholding Indigenous rights.

Moving performances by ANSWER2 Indigenous drum group, folk singer Sarah Osborne and rock legend Neil Young sent shivers down our spines — which had nothing to do with the freezing temperatures. They reminded us all how important it is that we continue this work, together. 

The latest from on the ground and in the woods

We chose the 100th-day anniversary of newly appointed BC Premier David Eby’s term to rally and announce the United We Stand for Old Growth Declaration, which now has more than 225 signatory organizations — a strong force of support across sectors to preserve the remaining ancient forests.

Supporters like you made it possible to ally with incredible partners and dozens of volunteers to send a compelling message to the government: Keep your word and protect threatened old-growth forests in this province.

old-growth cedar


Just ten days before the rally, the BC government made a significant announcement on forest policy, including important investments in value-added forestry and long-term conservation financing, as well as crucial forest policy reforms. But that still wasn’t enough to stop logging in the most at-risk ancient forests in the meantime. 

It's all thanks to you!

We aren’t going to stop until the logging does. But we’re thrilled to pause and celebrate this win with you.

Your overwhelming dedication to protect old-growth through action and generous donations to the Fund for Ancient Forests make success like this possible. And it’s how we can continue to make this a priority in the coming months.

We have so much gratitude to all of you for your support and to the legion of organizers, volunteers and artists behind the United For Old Growth effort. Thank you.



Check out the coverage of the event and watch Neil Young for yourself (Neil is @1:25:40 in the video). If you’re able to chip in, any amount will ensure this movement continues to grow.

With you backing us we will build off the momentum of the last few weeks and press forward until old-growth forests have permanent protection. Despite the chilly weather, our hearts are warm and our resolve to stand up for life-giving old-growth forests across the country has only strengthened.

Thank you for being a part of this movement.

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