No safe way to mine uranium

Thursday, October 15, 1987

This is a 1987 Wilderness Committee education report that calls for the moratorium on uranium mining in BC to be reinstated. 
Although British Columbia has many occurrences of uranium, there has never been an operating uranium mine.  A moratorium on uranium exploration in British Columbia was brought into effect in 1980. The moratorium expired in 1987 and was not renewed. 

On April 24, 2008 the Government of BC established a regulation that ensured that any future mining claims do not include the rights to uranium.  Then the BC Government declared a moratorium on uranium exploration, mining and development. Soon after that, the BC government issued a Cabinet order that stopped any review of proposed uranium and thorium exploration and development in the province.

It had taken more than two decades since our publication calling for a moratorium - but BC finaly has its uranium moratorium in place. 

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