Currently, over 14% of British Columbia is protected as parks including provincial parks, national parks, conservancies and ecological reserves. It has taken generations to build the BC park system, which is the envy of every other province and territory in Canada. But BC's park system is far from complete.

We believe that there’s much more to be done. Too many worthy BC wilderness areas that should be protected lands are not protected at all. They risk being ruined by industrial development. Around the world, there are many countries, provinces and states that have a much higher level of park protection than BC has. New Zealand, for example, has protected nearly 30% of its land area for the purpose of preserving wild nature.

The Wilderness Committee is calling for a rapid province-wide doubling of BC's wilderness parks - with an eventual protected area system reaching 50% of BC’s land area. We are currently gathering information on new park candidates. We have published several education reports on the protected area system expansion project, and we are mapping out the boundaries of potential new parks.

BC is the most bio-diverse province in Canada. Let’s work together to hand down this natural living treasure to future generations!

Photo: The Red Creek Fir on Vancouver Island is Earth's largest Douglas-fir tree, yet it is still not protected within a provincial park.

Google Maps of Proposed Parks by region for British Columbia

Click on proposed areas on maps for names of proposed areas. For larger maps with legends, click on "View [map name] in a larger map" below each map.

Google Map of Proposed Parks for Northwest BC

View Proposed Parks for Northwest BC in a larger map

Google Map of Proposed Parks for Eastern BC

Includes Inland Rainforest, Kootenays and Peace River Regions

 View Proposed Parks for Eastern BC in a larger map
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