Actions in 40 BC communities call for an end to fracking

Monday, March 27, 2023

Frack Free BC

A group of people holding up a "END FRACKING" banner. End of image description.
Community members on the Sunshine Coast

Province-wide banner and poster blitz names gas as BC's biggest climate problem, calls for Frack Free BC

Unceded and treaty territories across BC — British Columbians woke up this morning to 33 handmade banners and thousands of posters covering communities across the province calling for an end to fracking.

Photos from the demonstrations will be available here for media use and updated throughout the day.

These demonstrations were supported by Frack Free BC – a new, broad based alliance of organizations and individuals working to end fracking in BC that launched last year at Premier David Eby’s cabinet swearing-in ceremony. Frack Free BC is calling on the Premier to stop issuing new permits for gas wells, set a date to phase out existing production, and develop a plan to support workers and communities to transition to a sustainable economy. On Sunday evening and Monday morning, nearly 100 local groups across the province put up posters and hung banners in their communities to draw attention to fracking, a dangerous practice used in 91 percent of BC gas production

Pollution from B.C.’s gas industry is poised to explode if the five proposed liquified natural gas (LNG) projects that the province is currently considering on the West Coast are approved, built and supplied with fracked gas. This concern was heightened last week when the province approved the controversial Cedar LNG project.  

Fracking and LNG exports are among the highest stakes political issues for the BC NDP. BC’s oil and gas industry is already responsible for 19 per cent of the province’s total greenhouse gas emissions — largely driven by fracking. With BC already projected to fall short of its 2030 target, and communities facing increased health risks from fracking, it is past time for Premier Eby to act. 


“Everybody agrees we have got to stop burning fossil fuels, but the province doesn’t seem to accept that means we need to end fracking for gas. If governments have one job it is to keep their citizens safe. In a climate emergency that means phasing out these polluting products, not building a brand new LNG export industry.” 

Peter McCartney, Climate Campaigner, Wilderness Committee

“From Kitimat to Kelowna and Vernon to Victoria, people are pushing back against the fracking industry's bid for ever more permits, pipelines and LNG terminals. With critical decisions coming up, Cabinet ministers must choose whether to pad the profits of companies like Shell and Enbridge, or stand up for the people of BC.”

Alexandra Woodsworth, Director of Organizing, DogwoodBC

“Most British Columbians would be shocked to learn that there are over 30,000 fracking wells in B.C.’s northeast, a number that could double in the next decade, if Premier Eby chooses not to stand up against LNG expansion. Fortunately it's not too late, - if the B.C. government cancels fossil fuel subsides, and puts a moratorium on new fracking wells, - we can still get back on track to meeting our climate targets.”

Kiki Wood, Senior Oil and Gas Campaigner,

“I firmly believe it is time BC and Canada followed the example of various European nations in banning fracking. Even the Conservative government in the UK has done so. Fracking is immoral because it leaks methane, pollutes groundwater, and causes mini-earthquakes. It is very harmful to the environment because methane is a greenhouse gas 82-times more powerful than CO2. The United Nations has identified it as a major cause of global warming. No new fracking should be permitted in the BC Peace country. Stop fracking now!"

Dave Gregory, Nelson chapter of the Council of Canadians 



Allison Murray, Communications Consultant,, 604-442-1846

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