The Last Wild Spotted Owl's Fight for Survival

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Our spotted owl campaign started off with a bang in 2023 when Federal Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault recommended an emergency order for this critically endangered species. More than a thousand of you sent your member of parliament a message immediately after demanding they issue the order. Shortly after, the federal minister posted a draft recovery strategy for the spotted owl — and folks like you emailed again, demanding stronger and more widespread protections.

Guilbeault finally recommended an emergency order to cabinet in September, eight long months after he promised to. And cabinet refused. With your help, we’re back in court arguing an eight-month delay is illegal — and a potential death sentence to the owl. Now, we wait for this ground-breaking court decision.

Our collective efforts centred nimble actions based on breaking information when logging permits were issued and when chainsaws started revving. Key to our success is supporters like you demanding the government do better.

We've seen firsthand how resilience and action intertwine, leading to significant progress in environmental protection and policy advocacy.

Your donation is an investment in a sustainable future. It empowers us to keep pressure on those in power, ensuring the voices of nature and our communities are heard loud and clear. In 2024, we’ll work to ensure a strong final draft of the spotted owl recovery strategy and an end to logging in the owl’s critical habitat.

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