Pipeline opponents vow to continue fighting after disappointing court decision

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Peter McCartney

VANCOUVER – After the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed a legal challenge to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion this morning, opponents of the project are vowing to keep up the fight. 

“We’re grateful to Indigenous Nations for their persistence in protecting their lands, waters and ways of life in the courts,” said Wilderness Committee Climate Campaigner Peter McCartney. “Consultation is not consent and we will continue to fight with them until this pipeline no longer poses a threat.”

Numerous challenges still await Trans Mountain as a recent poll shows national opposition has grown 11 per cent since the federal government bought the pipeline.

“Canadians are finally grappling with our shameful history of genocide and a foreboding future of climate catastrophe,” said McCartney. “Opposition to this pipeline is growing as the stakes become crystal clear.”

Communities all along the pipeline’s path are ready to slow and stop the project. Major sections of the route may have to move, land defenders are preventing work on man camps and thousands of people are joining the movement to stop Trans Mountain. Meanwhile, the economic case for the pipeline gets weaker every day. 

“Kinder Morgan bailed on this project because they saw it would be a costly quagmire,” said McCartney. “Nothing has changed. Prime Minister Trudeau is leading this country down a reckless and dangerous path but there’s still time for him to walk away.”


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