Spotted Owl Critical Habitat at Hidden Creek - On The Ground Report

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

The Wilderness Committee's Joe Foy journeys into the upper canyon of the Coquihalla River to discover the secrets of the unlogged pristine watershed of Hidden Creek.  Hidden Creek is within the core territory of the Spuzzum Nation whose leadership are outspoken defenders of the owls and their old forest habitat. The forest here has been designated by Environment Canada as Critical Habitat for the endangered spotted owl and in early 2023 the federal minister of environment declared this forest essential for the species to be brought back from the brink of disappearing from Canada.  However, after the federal minister's declaration, the province of BC in May granted a logging permit to a numbered company to cut down the forest. So what's the latest? See Foy's on-the-ground report from Hidden Creek.

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