Cleaning Up BC's Dirty Mining Industry

Thursday, February 04, 2016


Mine pollution looms over BC's rivers and salmon

When the tailings pond dam breached at BC's Mount Polley Mine in August 2014, it unleashed a torrent of mine waste and water. Much of this ended up pouring into one of the province's most important salmon nurseries – Quesnel Lake. 

Not surprisingly, the Mount Polley mine disaster – the largest of its kind in Canadian history – has unleashed a torrent of widespread public concern about the increasing environmental risks and health impacts from BC's mining industry. 


Tailings storage facilities like the one at Mount Polley have become widespread throughout the province. BC now has 98 permitted tailings ponds at 60 operating and closed mines. 

Many now believe that the province has reached an emergency situation. At stake are the health and well being of the region's people and world famous salmon runs.

Read this report to find out how we can work together to clean up BC's dirty mining industry.

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