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For years, we’ve stood up for a healthy climate in Canada by opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure. But parallel to this fight is to create a vision for the communities we want to live in. Adopting local climate solutions – cycling networks, renewable energy, public transit and local food production, building retrofits – is crucial to building climate-friendly communities.

Governments can steer the public towards these options by pricing climate changing carbon pollution, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, funding green infrastructure and setting greenhouse gas reduction targets. We’re here to call for action and make sure our strategy. Climate policy needs to be equitable and effective to enable the transition to a low-carbon society. 

Canadian communities are also figuring out the solutions to climate change for themselves, and it’s getting easier as technologies like solar energy have become more affordable. Our educational report, Climate Solutions, is inspired by the work of these amazing local groups.

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The Wilderness Committee's Climate Campaigner Peter McCartney will present the podcast "Line in the Sand" as part of the solutions media showcase at the 2017 Media Democracy Day.

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Make Canada's environmental laws stronger


Let's put an end to Kinder Morgan's tar sands pipeline

Call your MP

Despite overwhelming opposition on the West Coast and across this country, the federal government just broke its promises and approved Kinder Morgan’s risky and reckless tar sands pipeline.

This project is a disaster on every level. Endangered orcas, coastal economies, the global climate, Indigenous rights, public health and safety — all at risk from this pipeline. It cannot be allowed to proceed.

Justin Trudeau made a promise to restart the review for the pipeline in the last election campaign. Now he’s turned his back on that. Meanwhile, he’s promised to fight climate change and uphold Indigenous rights. If his government approves Kinder Morgan, he will have thrown those goals to the wind.

We need you to call your Member of Parliament. Tell them they have made a reprehensible choice and this fight is far from over.

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