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For years, we’ve stood up for a healthy climate in Canada by opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure. But parallel to this fight is to create a vision for the communities we want to live in. Adopting local climate solutions – cycling networks, renewable energy, public transit and local food production, building retrofits – is crucial to building climate-friendly communities.

Governments can steer the public towards these options by pricing climate changing carbon pollution, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, funding green infrastructure and setting greenhouse gas reduction targets. We’re here to call for action and make sure our strategy. Climate policy needs to be equitable and effective to enable the transition to a low-carbon society. 

Canadian communities are also figuring out the solutions to climate change for themselves, and it’s getting easier as technologies like solar energy have become more affordable. Our educational report, Climate Solutions, is inspired by the work of these amazing local groups.

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Recent Developments

4 days 1 hour ago
The future we’ll share together is the future we build together.
3 weeks 2 days ago
This is a TV news story about several policies of the new incoming BC government with regard to climate change. The Wilderness Committee's Joe Foy is interviewed in this news story.
7 weeks 4 days ago
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the scientific evidence for the warming of the world's climate system is unequivocal.

Take Action

We’re sending off 2016 with a kick on #WalbranWednesday

Call your MLA

After several setbacks this year from the Kinder Morgan pipeline decision, to the ongoing destruction in the Peace River Valley for the Site C dam, it’s easy to feel like your voice doesn’t matter.

It does.

More than ever you are part of the thin green line that must never ever give up.

On Dec 7, it’s the ancient forests of the Walbran Valley calling for our help. To date, no logging has been done on the intact north bank of the Walbran River, and the valley has become a major catalyst in recharging the conversation against ending old-growth logging on Vancouver Island.

That’s why our final #WW of the year, we’re going big!

The continued foot-dragging from our provincial lawmakers is unacceptable, so this #WalbranWednesday we’re targeting every MLA in BC!

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Protect old-growth forests on Vancouver Island

During this year's Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention (September 26-30), delegates – mayors and councillors from across the province – were set to vote on a motion to oppose old-growth logging.

The motion was brought forward by Metchosin council, and has already been passed at the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC) earlier this year.

But in the lead-up to the convention, the UBCM resolutions committee decided that old-growth logging is a regional issue and should be dealt with as such by regional bodies like the AVICC.

The endangered old-growth on Vancouver Island and the South Coast, is an issue that impacts all of BC, and councillors from Metchosin and other municipalities know it. At the UBCM convention they will fight to have the motion discussed and voted on at the convention, and they need your support!

This is a huge opportunity for municipal leaders to formally stand together and state the simple fact that old-growth logging has no place in healthy communities.

This is the official motion that they’ll be championing:

C27   Protection of Old-growth Forests
Whereas old-growth forest is increasingly rare on Vancouver Island, and is gone for centuries once logged;

And whereas old-growth forest has significant economic, social and environmental value as wildlife habitat, tourism resource, carbon sink and much more;

And whereas current plans on provincial Crown land call for logging the remaining old-growth forest, outside of protected areas, Old-Growth Management Areas, and similar reserves, over the next 10-20 years:

Therefore be it resolved that the old-growth forest on provincial Crown Land on Vancouver Island be protected from logging;

And be it further resolved that AVICC send a letter to the provincial government—Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations—as well as relevant government organizations requesting that the Vancouver Island Land Use Plan be amended to protect all of Vancouver Island's remaining old growth forest on provincial Crown land.

Our municipal leaders need our encouragement to:

a) support the adoption of the motion above as an official resolution, and

b) endorse this motion when it goes to a vote. 

    Send your mayor and councillors a message today and encourage them to do the right thing for BC!

    Points to consider in your message:

    • Old-growth forests provide cultural resources utilized by First Nations since time immemorial that are not found in second-growth forests.
    • Old-growth forests provide habitat for several endangered and at-risk species, some of which only live in ancient rainforest.
    • Old-growth forests store more carbon than younger forests – it an era when climate change is the single biggest crisis facing humanity, we have a moral responsibility to protect old-growth.
    • Around 90 per cent of Vancouver Island’s old-growth forest has already been logged, and an immediate halt to old-growth logging is required to ensure the survival of these ecosystems.
    • Vancouver Island municipalities and the BC Chamber of Commerce have already passed motions opposing continued old-growth logging – businesses and communities know that sustainable second-growth forestry is the only future for this industry!
    • Old-growth rainforests are integral to BC’s “super, natural” reputation, and the protection of ancient rainforests will benefit all municipalities in BC.

    Send your email today

    Photo: Unprotected Castle Giant (Shane Johnson)

    Let's put an end to Kinder Morgan's tar sands pipeline

    Call your MP

    Despite overwhelming opposition on the West Coast and across this country, the federal government just broke its promises and approved Kinder Morgan’s risky and reckless tar sands pipeline.

    This project is a disaster on every level. Endangered orcas, coastal economies, the global climate, Indigenous rights, public health and safety — all at risk from this pipeline. It cannot be allowed to proceed.

    Justin Trudeau made a promise to restart the review for the pipeline in the last election campaign. Now he’s turned his back on that. Meanwhile, he’s promised to fight climate change and uphold Indigenous rights. If his government approves Kinder Morgan, he will have thrown those goals to the wind.

    We need you to call your Member of Parliament. Tell them they have made a reprehensible choice and this fight is far from over.

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