Being around like-minded individuals who are willing to volunteer their time for an organization that, year after year, achieves incredible results is not only fun, but also a great opportunity to learn and grow!

Jeff Hubbick, supporter & volunteer

I came from Spain to volunteer @ the Seton Portage Farm and Trail Project near Lillooet, BC. I spent my days either working on the Reserve Community Farm, or helping re-open ancient First Nation Trails in the Wilderness. I intended to spend only 2 weeks but instead stayed for a month! What a WILD place! Thanks for the opportunity!

Guillermo Flores, volunteer

It was a WILD summer having 42 WWOOFERs (organic farm volunteers from all over the world) stay with my extended family on our land at Seton Portage. Thanks to the Wilderness Committee for organizing this and thanks for all the help building trails, cabins, working on the farm, and caring for the land. 

Angel Alexander, Member - St'at'imc Nation

Three things make the Wilderness Committee the ideal environmental volunteer experience for me: first, the Committee has an uncompromising commitment to the environment and wildlife; secondly, its staff is forthright, friendly, passionate, politically savvy, committed, funny, and great to work with; and lastly, the Committee provides constructive opportunities to get directly involved in a wide range of activities, campaigns, and issues for the benefit of the environment and wildlife.

Merrill James O’Donnell, volunteer

The Wilderness Committee is the most grassroots environmental organization I have ever encountered. I have taken part in several projects where volunteers were in charge and staff in a support role. It's very empowering, and I have also made friends for life.


Ivan Doumenc, supporter and volunteer

Coming from Germany on a Biology Internship, I spent three months in the Wilderness Committee office mapping critical habitat for the endangered seabird, the Marbled Murrelet. My work involved data and statistical analysis, quantifying habitat variables, assessing habitat quality and conducting road density calculations. I also spent some great time in the wilderness doing research.

Eyske Siemens, intern

Volunteering with the Wilderness Committee gave us an opportunity we wouldn't have had otherwise, to walk under the big trees in the Wah-nuh-jus–Hilthoois Tribal Park. We learned how to split boards from a massive redcedar windfall, and about the creation of the Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks; we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the forests and beaches. It’s impossible not to recommit oneself to environmental activism and support for Indigenous sovereignty after such an experience.

Emma Morgan-Thorp, volunteer

Trail building with the Wilderness Committee on Meares Island was an incredible experience.  Working with a fantastic team, we helped maintain and develop the trails on the island while camping in one of the most beautiful and untouched forests in the province. The experience left us all feeling very grateful to have been able to participate in such cultural and environmental significant place.

Olivier Clements, volunteer

No organization has worked harder or had as much success in protecting wild areas as the Wilderness Committee. Since 1980 they have tirelessly taken on the fight, advocating for the things that are important to many of us. The Wilderness Committee has become a stable and effective organization never wavering from its mission, and its continued efforts must be ensured.

Ken Melamed, long-time supporter and monthly donor