Will you become a Toad Person?

What does it take to save a species?

It takes people like you – people who care about our wildlife and know we are still lucky enough to live in a country that is home to grizzly bears, killer whales, bobolinks, blue-tailed skinks and western toads.

We know we live in a special place. And that is why many people are shocked to find out that BC – a province with more wild plant and animal species than any other province in Canada – has no stand-alone endangered species law.

We need to change that, and with your help we will.

Help BC’s species at risk by supporting the Wilderness Committee’s new film project.

The film is called Toad People, and we have just launched our inspiring 3-minute trailer and our crowdfunding campaign*.

TOAD PEOPLE from The Wilderness Committee on Vimeo.

The film tells the story of fingernail-sized juvenile western toads that struggle every year to cross a busy road during their migration, and the community of British Columbians who have come together to help them make that journey safely.

We call these wildlife defenders Toad People. And when you support this film, YOU will become an official Toad Person too.

This film isn’t just about people standing up for toads; it is about people from right across the province standing up to protect toads, mountain caribou, badgers and barn swallows – which are just a handful of the 1,900 species at risk in BC.

Right now we are about 60% of the way towards completing the film. But we need your help to reach our destination. Our crowdfunding goal is to raise the $20,000 needed to finish the film.

Any contribution you can make, whether it’s $1, $5 or $500, is gratefully appreciated.

Contribute now!

Once the film is completed in the fall of 2016, we will be travelling to communities across BC to host screenings. At these events we will be mobilizing people to contact their local members of the legislative assembly, write letters to the editor, sign our petition (38,000 signatures and counting!), talk to their neighbours and tell decision-makers that BC needs an endangered species law.

When you contribute funds to the Toad People crowdfunding campaign, you can claim fantastic prizes. From a “kiss from a toad” to field trips with a wildlife biologist or a spectacular wilderness grizzly bear viewing getaway, these incentives (known as “perks”) get better as your contribution increases.

Here are two things you can do right now to become a Toad Person:

1. Contribute to the campaign – Don’t wait! While there are unlimited toad kisses, there are just a few wildlife field trips available.

2. Tell your friends and family about Toad People – Can you share the link to this website? Don’t forget to like and follow Toad People on Facebook and Twitter, and post or tweet about the campaign to help spread the word!

We appreciate any action you take. Let’s do this!

*Crowdfunding is a way to contribute funds online for a specific project you support. Your contribution can range from just $1 to $5,000 or more. Your contribution to Toad People will go towards production costs including original score composition, filming and editing, and as well as support the use of this film as a mobilization tool in our campaign to protect BC’s biodiversity.