Support us

The Wilderness Committee runs on your donations!

The Wilderness Committee’s nature-protection work is funded by thousands of supporters, people just like you who give what they can afford. No donation is too small to contribute to helping us make a very big difference.

We’ve used this grassroots way of paying for what we need since our organization got its start way back in 1980. The results have been truly spectacular. To give just two examples of what our organization has helped achieve: millions of hectares of endangered Canadian wilderness are now protected as parkland, and Canada finally has an important Species at Risk law on the books. These victories, and many more, are the result of the generosity of people like you!

The Wilderness Committee is a federally registered charity (Federal Charitable Number 11929-3009-RR0001). For donations of $15 or over an official tax receipt will be mailed to you. For donations under $15 an official tax receipt can be sent upon request only. We do not sell, lend or trade your information.

Besides donating, there are many other ways you can support our work:

• You can purchase a Wilderness Committee membership. The more members we have the more elected representatives listen to our nature-saving ideas.

• You can join the Wilderness Committee Trailblazers for as little as $10.00 per month. Your contribution is automatically deducted from your chequing account or credit card. Our Trailblazers program gives us a stable, predictable source of funding, which makes our work much more effective.

• You can leave a legacy. Many people are choosing the Wilderness Committee as a beneficiary in their will. This has become an important source of long-term financial support for our work.

• You can buy our cool stuff! We produce calendars, greeting cards and other great products, all with a nature protection theme. See our online store.

• You can volunteer at one of our offices in Vancouver, Victoria or Winnipeg. Or you can volunteer to distribute our literature wherever you live. The Wilderness Committee depends on volunteers like you to get a huge amount of work done. Our volunteers do research, build trails, distribute educational material, take photos and much more!

Remember, even a small financial contribution will help the Wilderness Committee continue its essential work.

Thanks for helping out!

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director